Adult and Older Adult

CERI offers a holistic array of culturally-sensitive bilingual services that support the mental health and well-being of refugee and immigrant clients who have multiple layers of complex needs. We integrate traditional services such as clinical mental health counseling and medication management with culturally/spiritually tailored intervention strategies.


Social Services and Advocacy

At CERI, we build trusting relationships with each client to meet his or her needs. We offer direct services or link clients to appropriate agencies to help them overcome barriers and issues (housing, legal, citizenship, etc.) that impact their mental and physical health. By building these bonds of trust we increase our clients’ participation in individual therapy, group therapy and other services.

Support Groups

CERI offers a range of culturally-grounded support groups to its clients that emphasize self-expression, body awareness, and connecting to a peer support network. Currently, the majority of our clients are enrolled in the following weekly/biweekly groups: Stress Reduction & Meditation group, Movement/Dance group, Yoga and deep relaxation group, Men’s expressive arts & ESL groups, Women’s self-expression group using visualization and dream work, knitting and sewing, painting, jewelry making and cooking.

Clinical Counseling

Trauma-informed therapy is offered to individual clients, couples and families. Services are culturally relevant and can be either short- or long-term, depending on the level of need. Modalities include humanistic client-centered therapy, trauma-informed CBT, drama therapy, EMDR, and mindfulness. Services are provided in the preferred languages of our clients, with the assistance of interpreters when needed.


Management Clinic

For clients who require psycho-tropic medication, the agency offers a monthly psychiatric clinic that offers psychiatric evaluation and medication management on site with the assistance of an interpreter.

Alternative Healing

Through community partners, CERI clients also receive free alternative healing (massage/bodywork, acupuncture, coining, chanting, gardening, cooking, fishing etc.) to help support their mental and physical health. Our alternative healing fluctuates based on clients needs.

A Day in CERI