Housing Project in Cambodia

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As an agency, CERI supports primarily Cambodian refugees, survivors of the Khmer Rouge genocide, through providing culturally competent mental health services, and creating a strong community that holds up against the political unrest occurring among many immigrant populations today. One part of creating such a strong community is the integral basis in community service, both here in the United States, and in the home country of many of the clients and staff, Cambodia.

In 2014 surveys showed that around 14% of the population lived below the poverty line, while another 4.5 million are only just above said line. Additionally, 90% of those living in poverty are in the countryside, which is where CERI decided to implement their project.

In 2017 Two CERI’s outreach worker, Saravuth (Joe) and Chandra, decided the best way to enact  real change was to fly to Cambodia and build permanent housing for elderly and disabled people living in poverty. Saravuth (Joe) and Chandra own land in Battambang, Cambodia which will be the location of the housing.