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The Power of Collective Wisdom and the trap of collective folly 

by Alan Briskin, Sheryl Erickson, John Ott and Tom Callanan 

Based on nine years of research, The Power of Collective Wisdom shows how we can reliably tap into the extraordinary cocreative potential that exists whenever human beings gather together. Stories and historical examples illustrate how collective wisdom has emerged in a range of cultures, settings, and traditions, and the authors offer a set of practices to help readers realize the key lessons of the book. Equally important, they describe how to recognize the pitfalls of polarization or false agreement that lead to collective folly. Ultimately, this book emerges from a deep conviction that we all have a stake in each other and that what binds us together can be greater than what drives us apart.


Some Excerpt from The Power of Collective Wisdom and the trap of collective folly 

The Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants (CERI), in Oakland, California, is a powerful example of community, mediated by love. The fact that it evolved as a response to the wounds generated by war, torture, and genocide makes it a telling illustration of what power lies in the group. Empowerment came from amplifying existing elements of group cohesion, respect for interior realms, and desire to repair and renew the community.


UNDER THE DRAGON - California's New Culture 
by Lonny Shavelson and Fred Setterberg 

The book explores the daily mix of California's new communities through photographs by Berkeley writer and radio journalist Lonny Shavelson, commentary by Oakland author and editor Fred Setterberg.  


Some Excerpt from UNDER THE DRAGON - California's New Culture

The Iranian Therapist and Her Cambodian Clients
Dr. Mona Afari studied Lay’s impassive expression as the translator rendered his words from Cambodian into English. “My mother and father,” she heard the translator repeat, “…the Khmer Rouge take them. I never see again.”

Mona watched Lay’s eyes spark with pain as he recounted the story of his parents’ murder, and she asked herself the question that had haunted her since founding the weekly therapy group: Could she— an Iranian-born, female therapist—breach the chasm separating her from these six middle-aged male survivors of the Cambodian holocaust and provide the help they desperately needed?


Cultural Diversity: A Primer for the Human Services

by Jerry V. Diller

CULTURAL DIVERSITY: A PRIMER FOR THE HUMAN SERVICES provides the tools you need to become a successful and effective counselor. This innovative book covers a variety of topics, ranging from the general principles of cultural diversity to how to work with clients from various cultures. It's an ideal resource to prepare you for a successful career in counseling.