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A Spiritual Journey to the Homeland

In October of 2010, Clinical Director Mona Afary organized a trip to Cambodia with 13 clients, CERI’s staff therapist, Hamid Shafiezadeh, and CERI’s interpreter, Sandra Pech. Most of the clients who travelled to Cambodia had not visited their homeland since they were forced to flee from Pol Pot’s genocidal regime. ..

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Cambodian Orphanage Project

In October 2010, CERI staff and 13 clients embarked on the agency’s first trip to Cambodia. A few days before returning to the United States, in Siem Reap, the group was approached for help by two young boys, ages 9 and 11. Both boys lived on the streets and were being physically and emotionally..

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Trip to Tahoe

This weekend was a beautiful gathering and a joyful opportunity for a group of the women members of the CERI mental health community to spend time together, eat, talk, laugh and explore the outdoor activities and natural beauty of the Tahoe area…